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Shell specializes in private parties ranging from 2-20 guests. Chef Cruz and his team will cook in your home, creating an intimate and memorable experience for you and your guests.



Shell specializes in private parties ranging from 2-20 guests. Upon completion of the booking request below, we will review your request. If it is a good fit for our offerings, we will respond with a proposal for your requests as well as a contract. Due to the nature of our menus and experience, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate children at our parties.

Following the acceptance of that proposal, we will schedule a consultation meeting during which we will propose a curated menu and discuss and requested changes. On the day of your event, we will arrive with our ingredients prepared and complete the meal in your kitchen. We are able to serve you in your private residence or suggest venues that may accommodate your party. 

In addition to menu curation and preparation, we also offer wine pairing suggestions and wine pairing services. 


We offer five tiers of pricing for guests accommodating up to 20 guests. Following the initial initial consultation meeting, a 50% deposit on your quoted price will be required. Based on the desired size of your party, please anticipate the below pricing tiers.

Tier One, up to 4 guests: $450-$700

Tier Two, up to 6 guests: $$750-$1,000

Tier Three, up to 8 guests: $1,050-$1,300

Tier Four, up to 10 guests: $1,350-$1,600

Tier Five, up to 20 guests: Starting at $3,000


Please allow a minimum of one week lead time when booking your party. If you are interested in requesting a dining experience with Shell, please complete the survey below and Chef Cruz will respond as soon as possible. 

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